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lot costing and track ingredients from receipt through
finished product. "Our customers rely on lot tracking for
product recalls and product warnings as well as for better
inventory management purposes," he said.
Mr. Hunter noted mass flow discharge systems from
bins and silos allow bakeries to carry out lot number tracking for bulk ingredients and those that have
been dispensed to intermediate silos. Bühler designs
its systems to ensure accurate ingredient handling and
physical separation of allergens or organic materials.
"Integrating bar code lot number capture systems with
the pneumatic transfer line for bulk intake, or bag tipping points, will enable a bakery to prevent a system
start-up if an operator tries to send the wrong ingredient
to a destination bin," he said.
Mr. Hunter added that product interlocking also prevents a transfer line from starting if the wrong ingredient is
about to be put into an intake line.
Ingredient management systems oversee recipes and batches and provide
production scheduling, lot tracking, traceability and process data acquisition.
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