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tems. "AIM provides recipe and batch management, production scheduling, lot tracking, traceability and process
data acquisition," Mr. Stricker said. "AIM is able to integrate with various front-end management software
seamlessly. We can push data upstream to eliminate data
entry requirement or allow their system to extract the
data required for reporting. All data can be warehoused
onsite or in the cloud, allowing for extensive and complete recordkeeping."
B├╝hler developed the WinCos system that includes
recipe management, lot number traceability, contamination control, product interlocking and trend visualization, just to name a few. "The WinCos automation
system has been developed to deliver the functionality
needed in a modern food business," Mr. Hunter said.
Zeppelin System USA offers its Production Resource
Information System Management Applications
(PRISMA) suite. "The PRISMA system can integrate
the manual scaling process with the automated bulk
handling and batching system, prompt operators for
required ingredients, monitor the accuracy of manual
as well as automated scaling actions against preset tolerances, and record the results instantly," noted Joseph
Cross, process manager.
Bar code labelers and scanners track ingredients from
incoming shipments through intermediate scaling to
final point-of-use control. "PRISMA can also provide
one-up/one-down supply chain traceability for smaller
companies without large ERP/MES systems by allowing
users to set up suppliers and customers to integrate with
lot tracking," Mr. Cross explained. "This functionality
provides preconfigured reports showing what lots from
which suppliers went into every batch produced for each
customer order over any selected timeframe."

A lot of accuracy
Traceability is a critical component in achieving compliance with regional and international government
regulations as well as with countless audits and Global
Food Safety Initiatives, observed James Toole, ingredient handling product manager at Gemini/KB Systems.
"Bakeries are becoming more astute with respect to increasingly stringent regulations governing lot tracking
and food safety," he said.
Gemini/KB Systems' automated ingredient storage and
handling systems provide devices such as load cells on bulk
ingredient bins, loss-in-weight feeders for minor ingredients and mass flow meters for liquid ingredient handling.
Mr. Toole said these systems interface with a bakery's ERP
management software to manage inventory levels, provide
Ingredient storage and handling systems ensure accuracy with such devices as
load cells on indoor flour storage bins.
Gemini/KB Systems

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