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then be electronically transferred upstream, according to Mr. Stricker.
Lot tracking often starts in the receiving area by
scanning information from bar codes into a bakery's system, which initiates those lot numbers to
track the amount dispensed into each batch. Mr.
Pecha pointed out that a panoply of information
on flour, water, pre-mixes, liquid additions, mixing parameters and even temperatures creates essential front-end controls. "This batch record can
be saved, transferred to a supervisory system such
as an ERP system or printed for future use," Mr.
Pecha said. He also pointed out that the past data
will assist in future forecasting to procure more
accurate production schedules.
Management (AIM) software integrates with new
and existing automated ingredient handling sysBag dumping minor ingredients into a system provides critical
front-end controls to the baking process.
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