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manual, there is no cross check, so the chances of errors
are high - certainly high enough - so every plant with a
manual system will have experienced them and lose much
product and money," Mr. Hunter observed.

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Automating lot tracking using bar codes and RFID-type
scanners allows a single point collection of the data that can

Sourdough makes a sweet comeback
After a love affair with straight dough and
streamlining the front end of the process,
many wholesale bakers are once again embracing time-tested liquid ferments as well as
pre-dough technology such as sponge-anddough. Fortunately, today's ingredient handling technology allows bakers to automate
this once cumbersome process.
"While most of the ingredient tracking principals are the same as elsewhere in the bakery, some liquid ferment systems could allow
greater mingling of separate batches in the
tank system, depending on plant operational
procedures," said Joseph Cross, process manager, Zeppelin Systems USA. He added that
an extra level of lot tracking may be needed to
provide complete traceability in the process.
Bakers use sours and pre-dough systems to
develop natural flavor profiles and clean label
baked goods without using artificial ingredients, observed John Hunter, sales account
manager, bakery and ingredient handling,
B├╝hler, Inc.
He added that liquid sour or pre-dough
systems need to be fully integrated for effective technical performance and to support the
bakery's GMP and lot-number tracking efforts.
A greater number of bakers are also incorporating pre-blending and pre-hydration systems
prior to mixing to enhance product quality.
Recipe-control systems guarantee that
fermentation process, time and temperatures
are repeated every time to achieve consistent
finished product quality.
Mr. Hunter suggested that fermentation vessels and cold hold tanks capacities coincide
with how much product a bakery wants to
make from each fermentation batch. By doing
so, bakers will limit the number of products
that might need to be recalled if a problem
with an individual batch arises.

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