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enhanced crumb softness in baked goods.
Soy fiber was also added to the list. "Our soy fiber is obtained from soybean cotyledon rather than the hull," said
Troy Boutte, principal scientist, bakery, DuPont Nutrition
& Health. "It provides water absorption, which maintains
softness of baked goods in abusive applications, such as
DuPont offers a wide range of pectins, which are derived
from citrus peels, as well as guar gum, locust bean gum and
hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. All were recognized as fiber
in the original definition.

Whole food frenzy
In addition to synthetic and isolated fiber food ingredients,
there are numerous whole food fibers sourced from grains,
including barley, corn, oat and soy. These are minimally processed ingredients and are well recognized by consumers.
"In an environment where the emphasis is on simple,
wholesome ingredients, corn bran is embraced by even
the most label-savvy consumer," said Keith Smith, regional
technical service lead, Cargill. "Like all our dry corn ingredients, our corn bran products will appeal to consumers
trying to avoid chemically processed ingredients. We use a
mechanical means to fractionize and separate kernels into
their three component parts: germ, starch and fiber (bran)."

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Of the recently recognized
non-digestible carbohydrate
fibers, chicory root fiber, also
known as inulin, is commonly
used in baked goods.
Corn bran can help with sugar reduction. Cargill has
been able to use its finely ground corn bran in combination
with a few other ingredients to replace as much as 25% of
the sugar in a nutrition bar. The resulting reduced-sugar bar
also qualifies as an excellent source of fiber yet still meets
customers' expectations for taste and texture.
MGP Ingredients offers Non-GMO Project verified
modified wheat starch. It functions as a fat replacer in select
baked goods and, in others, imparts crispiness, according to
Ody Maningat, vice-president of ingredients, research and
development, and chief science officer.
"It's very compatible with wheat-based products, providing a positive impact on taste, texture, aroma and volume of
the finished product," he said. "It's process tolerant, is a convenient one-to-one partial flour replacement, and the added
fiber ingredient is indistinguishable in finished baked prod-

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