Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 62


dients that still give the same functionality, quality and shelf life consumers
prefer," Ms. Mann said. "It is important
to identify the challenges bakers are facing in our initial conversations. Then we
can work with bakers to provide a solution that is specific to their needs."
Despite progress that's been made,
Peggy Dantuma, director, technical sales,
bakery, Kerry Ingredients, said there is
still much work to be done. Striking this
balance of label demands and finished
product quality requires revisiting every
ingredient's role. "This usually means reengineering the entire formula as there
are not currently drop-in solutions for
these traditional ingredients," she said.
"Kerry assists bakers by educating them
on the functionality of the various ingredients and then evaluating ways to
minimize the negative ingredients while
maintaining product quality."
Understanding how the ingredients
means starting at the with the
Together at the drawing board
Cake formulations,
After defining what clean label means,
a similar roster
the next hurdle will be reformulation.
eggs, shortFor a category such as cakes, it takes a
collaborative effort between baker and
ingredient supplier.
Today's clean label cake ingredients enable bakers
"The other major challenge is the to have an ingredient list that meets consumers' high
ability to remove these particular in- standards as well as their demand for quality and
gredients and replace them with ingre- delicious cakes.
teria are most critical to cleaning up the
label. No artificial ingredients, removal
of perceived negative ingredients, and
organic were all ranked as the most
important by manufacturers regarding
their clean label products. Consumers'
top three health claims, according to
Ingredion's research, were natural, no
artificial ingredients and no additives.
Regardless of its flexible definition,
clean label has staying power as a trend,
which has led bakers to reformulate.
According to the findings in Ingredion's
study, 69% of manufacturers have reformulated for clean label during the past
two years, and 81% expect to do so over
the next two years. Seventy-three percent believe clean label is here to stay.
Equipped with this information, product developers can work with suppliers to
pinpoint what ingredients they'd like to
replace in their cake batter formulations.


* SQF Certified Facility in Russell, KS
* Adds strength, texture and volume
* Natural Egg White replacer
* Bland Taste does not interfere with
product flavor
* Perfect for specialty breads, pastas,
and vegetarian applications


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