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The popularity of mashups - and full-cake kits -
allow in-store bakery operators to create new cake
varieties out of seemingly unrelated bakery items.
Brill, a CSM Bakery Solutions Co.





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for younger, social-media-savvy
shoppers. "Unique visuals and new
eating experiences generate excitement in the category and allow retailers to offer something new for
millennials when traditional cake
designs might be seen as less interesting," he said.
Over-the-top cakes such as Brill's
donut cake or Dawn's extreme birthday cake are just the types of treats
that consumers are looking to share,
literally and digitally.
When cakes go viral, it's a grassroots form of marketing. "Younger
consumers can be an asset as they
are driven to share buzzworthy dessert experiences via social media
and word-of-mouth. Retailers can
keep up with these trends by offering sliced decorated cakes and creating other visually appealing desserts," Mr. Docherty said.
To create this kind of experience,
some commercial bakeries offer retailers easy icing solutions to go with
the finished product. For instance,
Dawn's Exceptional Buttercream
Style icing is a higher-quality product to use with the bakery's upscale
dessert and occasion cakes. "The
way a cake looks is just as important
as the product itself," Ms. LaPaugh
said. "It's all about someone wanting to buy it, take a picture, share it
with their friends and post it on social media."
Brill also offers icing options to
accompany its finished product.
Pre-filled decorating bags help instore operators easily create custom
looks on their cakes while also addressing a shortage of skilled labor.
For Dawn, it's more than just the
icing on the cake. The company
also offers tips and tools to provide
inspiration for in-store bakeries to
finish off cakes that are as photogenic as they are tasty. Dawn supplies

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