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and sugar are tied for the top item people look at on nutrition labels, and, for the first time, sugar is the top item
American adults want to avoid. But in the in-store bakery, certain trends are taking precedence over sugar and
calorie consciousness.
Through extensive trend research based on internal and third-party sources, Dawn has identified eight
key consumer trends, some of which bode well for cake
sales. For example, "luxury found" is one that taps into
the evergreen need for indulgence. "People want to have
that moment of indulgence and a little escape for themselves," Ms. LaPaugh said. "With this trend, it's very personal, so cake is a great product to use for that because
it's so versatile."
Being a timeless classic, cake opens itself up to hosting not only new trends but also products it might not
have otherwise been associated with. For example,
Brill, a division of Sandy Springs, GA-based CSM

Bakery Solutions Co., offers cool twists on other classics in cake form. "Unique shapes and sizes along with
new flavor pairings bring excitement to the category,"
said Mike Docherty, Brill's vice-president, marketing,
North America. "Mashups are the perfect example, using smaller desserts such as donuts or cookies to create a
new style of dessert cake."
Although those traditional dessert cakes serve their
purpose - classic white and chocolate flavors and oldschool buttercream still bring shoppers in for those
quick, retail-ready options - updated flavors and combinations can expand options and maintain interest at
various points in the year. "There's an opportunity to
use smaller, retail-ready cakes for seasonal events," Mr.
Docherty noted. "This allows our customers to take advantage of incremental holiday sales without the need
for additional labor."
Dawn's finished cake products come in a variety of

In the wake of the cupcake craze

Cupcakes still offer portable and personal indulgence.
Dawn Foods

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Food Network may not be airing new episodes of
Cupcake Wars, but that doesn't mean this miniaturized indulgence has lost ground in the in-store
bakery. According to Nielsen data obtained by
Dawn Foods for the 52 weeks ending March 31,
2018, cupcakes occupy nearly 20% of cake sales in
the in-store bakery. In What's in Store 2018, published
by the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association,
cupcakes were the second-highest sales driver
for the cake segment, nestled between decorated
cakes and dessert cakes, based on Nielson data for
the 52 weeks ending July 1, 2017.
"Cupcakes are still a growing category and
widely used for many social gatherings and
seasonal holidays like Valentine's Day," said Mike
Docherty, vice-president, marketing, Brill, a division of CSM Bakery Solutions Co. "One trend
we're seeing is consistent growth in 12-count cupcakes where consumers can have a convenient,
yet indulgent, dessert."
Then again, cupcakes' indulgence factor makes
them attractive as a single purchase. Consumers
started seeing cupcakes less as a cake replacement and more as an individual offering, especially in the in-store bakery case. "There's been a
shift away from cupcakes being used as a celebration cake, where they're putting them together as
one cake," said Jennifer LaPaugh, senior director,
global market research and insights, Dawn Foods.
"More so now, we're seeing cupcakes as an indulgence and being used as a single-serve treat."

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