Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 47

It's a bread divider.

It's a roll & muffin divider.

It's a cookie depositor.

It's the one and only versatile Vemag.
One machine. Many attachments. Unlimited versatility.
The Vemag is an incredibly versatile machine that allows you to easily
produce a wide variety of products. The Vemag incorporates
a number of innovative attachments that provide
you with the flexibility to not only expand your
product line, but to react quickly to your
customer's ever-changing requirements.
Attachments can be swapped out in minutes.
You'll find that the Vemag offers the highest levels of
portioning accuracy, speed and product quality. Visit our
Reiser Customer Center and test the Vemag and our range
of attachments for yourself. Contact Reiser today and let us
help you expand your product line and grow your
business...with the one and only Vemag.

It's a batter depositor.
Canton, MA * (781) 821-1290
Reiser Canada
Burlington, ON * (905) 631-6611

It's an extruder.

It's a sheeter.

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