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Taking the 'sweet life' overseas
Across the Mediterranean Sea from its
home in Spain, Dulcesol Group is investing more than €4.5 million ($5.25 million)
to add a third line to its bakery in Algeria,
where it already produces magdalenas
and cakes.
The new line will produce brioche-type
fermented doughs with cream, chocolate
chips, and other inclusions and fillings.
Overall capacity will increase by more
than 40% when the project is completed.
Dulcesol is a leading player in Algeria
and Morocco, where it has separate distribution systems. Demand for the briochestyle snacks justified the bakery's expansion, according to Rafael Juan, CEO.
Although Dulcesol ships to more than
45 countries, it's main international
markets include Algeria, France, Italy,
Morocco and the UK. "More and more,
we want to become an international company," Mr. Juan said. "However, we want
to be the best in any country. For us, it's
very important to focus on distribution to
a smaller number of countries than to be
all around the world without focus."
Thousands of buns pour out
of the conveyorized oven.
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circulating heated air. For preventive maintenance, the
oven is outfitted with a new monitoring system that continuously checks for and detects worn bearings that can
be removed immediately without visual detection.
After depanning, the buns travel up to a Tecnopool enclosed spiral cooler for 60 minutes. In winter, the system
pipes in filtered cool air from the outside while in summer
it pipes in air-conditioned filtered air that can be adjusted
for temperature and humidity. The cooler comes with
an automatic belt washer that removes crumbs, sesame
seeds and other debris that may have fallen off the buns.
Meanwhile the line also has a Colussi Ermes pan washer
and dryer.
The buns then pass through an EyePro vision system
to ensure quality and consistency as well as eliminate
defects. After metal detection, a rapid stream of buns is
diverted to four Ilapak flowwrappers for retail products
or to two systems, which can slice and pillow-pack 24,
5-in. - or 30, 4-in. - buns for foodservice accounts.

Providing a shining example
Food safety has been one of Dulcesol Group's primary objectives from the outset. In fact, quality con-

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trol programs comply with the ISO 9001, the 2000
Quality Management Standard and global food safety protocols such as IFS and BRC.
The company has been also awarded the ISO
14001 for environmental management, which includes initiatives to limit waste and reduce energy
and water consumption.
For Mr. Juan, running a family business like
Dulcesol goes beyond numbers. It's about how the
company operates under the broader philosophy of
giving back and paying it forward. As he's quoted
on, "Our objective is to do
things as best we can, in order to give back to society
what it has given us."
In the grand scheme of things, that's what living
the sweet life -one of Dulcesol's core tenets - is all
"I'm most proud of our team," he explained. "I'm
also proud of my father and my family because they
worked hard for many years and laid the foundation
of the company. That's the reason that we're here,
and that's why our employees are committed to what
our company does."


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