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Over the years, Dulcesol
Group invested in robotics
to automatically pick
and place individually wrapped snacks to
enhance efficiencies and
streamline its packaging
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mixing, triple jacket bowls for cooling, automatic dough
discharging and spray nozzles for CIP cleaning.
Next, the dough travels up a VMI bowl lift to an AMF
Bakery Systems 8-pocket divider, which operates at approximately 120 strokes to produce about 4,800 doz
dough pieces an hour. The pieces pass through rounder
bars, then receive flour dusting followed by a 1-minute
intermediate proof.
The panned pieces then head into a Stewart Systems
conveyorized proofer with universal track supports, a
dual-tower ductless conditional and a precision, highpressure humidity system. They then pass through a
combination Burford water sprayer, water splitter, flour
duster and Smart Seeder that allow the line to create a
variety of buns.
The buns bake in a Stewart conveyorized oven that
comes with a greater capacity convection system with
larger internal convection tubes in the straight parts of
the oven and the corners. This feature provides a more
uniform bake throughout the four baking zones and
reduces energy consumption by more than 10% by re-


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dough preparation
dough dividing
dough moulding
deep freezing
product handling

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