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features indirect- and direct-fired options as well as radiant and convection heat capabilities. "After the oven,
nobody touches the product until we manually case
pack it," Mr. Ferragud noted.
The next part of the process reflects Dulcesol's ongoing investment in automating packaging to improve
operational efficiency over the years. The snacks then
pass through a Trivi vertical tray cooler for up to 1 hour
before the robotic depanning of 16 snacks at a time to
a single-lane finger conveyor leading to the Ilapak horizontal flow wrapper. A robot picks and places five individually wrapped products that enter a flowwrapped bag
that eventually sells for €1. In the end, the manually case
packed products are robotically palletized.
The bakery's massive A bright new investment
ingredient handling system To add a new bun production line, Dulcesol Group exfeeds 15 production lines
panded the bakery replete with walls of windows that
with key bulk ingredients.
let the sun shine in. Currently, one section of the plant
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"Our objective is to do
things as best we can, in
order to give back to society
what it has given us."
Rafael Juan, Dulcesol Group
houses the high-speed line, but there's room to add a
second one, according to Mr. Ferragud.
A dedicated Zeppelin ingredient handling system
features three large liquid sponge systems. It also has a
brine system that's common in Europe to supply a complete saturated salt solution to the mixer.
The VMI batch mixing system includes two 375kg (825 lb) horizontal mixers that turn out 4.5 tonnes
(9,920 lb) of dough an hour. The mixers feature vacuum

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