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"My motto is, 'Always take care of the
recipes.' We believe it's always about
the best quality at the best price."
Rafael Juan, Dulcesol Group
than reformulation and transformation - or even custom-designing baked goods for customers. The department collaborates with engineers and programmers as
well as universities and research centers to continually
automate, develop prototypes and improve its operations.

Investing in a sunny future
In production, Dulcesol Group tries to be a flat organization. "Only the strategic decisions are done by the
top management group," Mr. Juan said. "We want to improve our personnel to engage them in the work and get
the talent to take ownership in the process."
As the company diversifies, it relies on technology to

streamline a complex process. "We try to be versatile
and efficient at the same time," Mr. Juan acknowledged.
"It's difficult, but we have to add some of the industry's
newest technology on our lines to be more flexible."
That means investing not only in new lines but also
in structure, such as in how raw materials flow directly
to mixers to automating the packaging and then adding
robotics for palletizing to streamline shipping.
The 300,000-sq-ft plant in Gandia houses 15 production lines where 800 people work, mostly on three shifts
from five to seven days a week. To feed the sweet goods
lines, the bakery relies on more than 25 silos and liquid
tanks. The Zeppelin ingredient handling system includes
nine flour silos and four sugar silos each ranging from
50 to 75 tonnes (110,000 to 165,000 lb). Liquid ingredients are held in six shortening, four chocolate and
four egg tanks varying from 40 to 50 tonnes (88,000
to 110,000 lb). Mr. Ferragud said more than 100 holding tanks and batching systems are strategically located
throughout the facility. The bakery also has a Zeppelin
micro ingredient handling system.

Still making huge

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