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rolled out packaged toasted rolls that
are popular in Spain. A decade later, it
segued into packaged sandwich bread
and buns for retail.
Taking it a step further, the company most recently ventured into the
quick-serve restaurant arena after installing a new high-speed line in its
Gandia facility that tripled the bakery's
bun capacity.
Opened in June 2017, the line was
running 16 hours a day on two shifts
five days a week when Baking & Snack
toured the Gandia facility earlier this
year, according to Antonio Ferragud,
industrial engineer, who oversaw the
project. Back then, the bakery projected the line would be running 24 hours
a day before the long summer peak
season even began. "In my 19 years
here, I never have seen a line running
around the clock in that short of time,"
Mr. Ferragud observed.
Moreover, to further support its
foodservice and hospitality customers, Dulcesol Group last year launched
a frozen division called Horno
The bakery's conveyorized oven cranks out tens of
thousands of uniform buns an hour for foodservice
and retail customers.
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