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with European suppliers, who are coming to IBIE the
following year when these bakers are ready to make a
decision and a purchase."
In addition to meeting with exhibitors, ABA plans
to hold high-level, top-to-top meetings with its board
members and their European peers.
"We're talking about common issues, supply chain
challenges and consumer trends with our various counterparts," Mr. MacKie said. "There are areas like sustainability, packaging and robotics where Europeans may
be ahead of the trends and areas where the US may be
ahead, so this joint learning can be enormously valuable. We would invite those whom we met with to do a
follow-up at IBIE next year."
Adapting to the changing consumer sentiment about
grain-based foods varies across the globe. With the rise
in out-of-home food consumption, households are making fewer sandwiches, which has made it challenging
for companies to expand the packaged bread market.
"Constantly shifting consumer tastes and perspectives
around our products is a mega trend that is affecting all
bakers - in some regions of the world more than others," Mr. MacKie said.
Finding skilled workers is another universal issue.
"Our European counterparts are really struggling with
attracting talent in large commercial, industrial bakeries," Mr. MacKie said.
Other trends start small, then travel beyond their local borders. Take labeling. Chile, for instance, is targeting an obesity epidemic that, like in America, affects
more than half of the population. The nation's tough labeling initiative prevents marketing to children under 14
and includes front-of-packaging "stop signs" that caution consumers about products that are high in sugar,
saturated fats or calories.
Ms. Gollo noted the initiative prompted Grupo Bimbo
to reformulate products to protect most of its brands by
reducing the number of stop-sign labels. And the company may have to do it again as even stricter regulations
go into effect in 2019 in Chile.
"Why is this such a big deal? Because it is affecting
our industry┬┤s sales," she said. "Products with no stamps
are growing four times faster than those with stamps."
In Europe and the US, bakers face a fluid labeling environment that could cost millions in packaging costs
over the next few years. Mr. MacKie called it part of a
trail of disruption affecting the industry. "New labeling requirements are happening in all parts of the world,"
he said. "What's happening in Chile with their labeling
requirements is moving up into Mexico and can end up
in California. Clearly, we also have a number of labeling
changes in the works in the US. The issues are maybe a little
less than in Europe. These are very mobile."


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IBIE targets international growth for 2019
At the International Baking Industry
Exposition (IBIE), about 30% of exhibitors
and attendees typically hail from more than
100 countries. As a result, global growth remains a top priority for the show organizers,
noted Anjia Nicolaidis, international marketing specialist at mdg, which works with the
IBIE committee to promote the event.
"We are sustaining an aggressive, multichannel campaign that combines media,
direct marketing, digital marketing and
personal outreach," Ms. Nicolaidis said.
Over the years, IBIE has built a database
of international partners including media,
counterpart trade associations, industry
groups and other shows, such as iba,
which is being held Sept. 15-20 in Munich.
"We know that our sustained international
growth is a direct result of cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships," Ms. Nicolaidis
said. "We seek to partner with leading organizations that support the grain-based food
industry just as we do."
IBIE is participating actively with groups
in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India,
Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia
and Singapore, just to name a few. "We are
currently in negotiations with more than 40
partners and expect that number to grow as
we flesh out our agreements," she added.
Ms. Nicolaidis called iba "a one-of-a-kind
networking opportunity for us to meet faceto-face with our international partners and
Members from the American Bakers
Association (ABA) and BEMA will be leading panel discussions and presentations
during iba's "Speakers Corner," a new
educational feature that will allow the two
associations to display a sample of "worldclass education that will be available at IBIE
in 2019," according to Ms. Nicolaidis.
The ABA and BEMA presentations are
scheduled for Sept.18, in Hall A1.170 at the
Munich convention center. Topics include
"Lean Manufacturing" from 10:30 to 11:30
a.m.; "Global Labeling" from 11:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m.; "Cleaner Labels" from 12:30
to 1:30 p.m. and "Baking in the Disruption
Era" from 1:30 to 2 p.m.
IBIE 2019 takes place Sept. 8-11 in Las Vegas.

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