Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 153

Flexible pick-and-place packaging
Paxiom Group's compact robotic pick-and-place cell can be combined with synchronized conveying systems and incorporated into virtually any existing end-of-line
packing process. The top-load modular cell is equipped to pick-and-place various finished package types, including bags, wrapped products, rigid containers, cartons and
widgets, into cases and trays. Using servo drives, the modular cell ensures gentle and
precise handling while also maintaining product integrity. It also can properly orient
logos and pack multiple layers of product into the erected case or tray.
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Dough laminating lines
The Sigma execution laminating line from Rademaker is designed for production
of Danish, croissant, puff pastry and all other laminated doughs. The laminator
can be fully integrated into a variety of product makeup lines. Available in working widths up to 64 in., these lines are designed to be flexible, efficient and easy to
maintain and operate. As part of the line, the low-pressure Rademaker Fat Pump
is consistent with all types of fats. The line is fully washdown with options such as
overhead dough cooling, low-stress dough feeding and automatic gap adjustments.
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Automatic, accurate dough checkweigher
The Vemag Process Check 715 checkweigher from Reiser ensures the highest
levels of dough scaling accuracy. The machine is designed for all dough dividing
lines where consistently accurate weights are critical. The 715 communicates directly with the Vemag dough divider to compensate for variables and continuously fine tune each dough portion to increase on-weight percentages. All this is done
with no operator intervention. The system then tightens up the standard deviation
of the divider and allows the baker to reduce the target weight.
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Over-tilt mixers
The Single Sigma Open Frame Horizontal Mixers (SSOFHM) from Topos Mondial
offer a sanitary design with up to 160-degrees of bowl over-tilt capability. The mixers are offered in 600 to 3,000 lb batch capacities. The reinforced and jacketed mixing bowl, bowl canopy, main shaft and single sigma agitator are all stainless steel.
The mixing controls can be custom built to meet exact mixing needs. The Hytos
hydraulic bowl-tilting package is easily accessible under the lift-off cover. The bowl
has removeable sanitary main shaft seals and bowl-to-canopy seals.
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Mixer for difficult doughs
In terms of texture, biscuits, filled pastries and sponge cakes are diversified products and require specific attention in the mixing process. The doughs contain
different amounts of fat and inclusions including chocolate chips, blueberries and
more, which are difficult to mix. VMI developed a version of its vertical doubletool mixer, the Kneadster, that fully meets requirements for these challenging
doughs. The machine's design and its reverse rotation enable the mixing of all
types of dough.
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