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Labor-saving seeder and enrober
Gemini/KB Systems' latest generation Deco Seeder inline moulded product
enrober offers significant labor savings with topping uniformity and minimal
waste. It features stainless-steel construction with FDA food-grade blue belts. An
extended-top moulding belt guides the seeded product over the seed reclaim gap
between the moulding belt and discharge conveyor. It also features Teflon-coated
adjustable side guides. A compact venturi-type automatic vacuum topping reclaim
system provides fresh and reclaimed toppings to the depositing hopper.
(215) 673-3520 *

Snack bag maker
The Inspira Snack Bagmaker vertical form/fill/seal series from Heat and Control
improves accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use and productivity. It offers automation and efficiency and reduces opportunities for human error while helping
to consistently bag snack products. Inspira is a fast, stable and precise snack bagmaker designed for any type of laminated film. A large, color HMI automatically
adjusts timing values and mechanical settings and holds up to 500 presets, giving
operators simple functionality for changeovers and general operation.
(800) 227-5980 *

Depositor options for fillings
To help bakery manufacturers meet consumer demands for nutritious single-serve
desserts, Hinds-Bock offers a solution to meet exact requirements. From singlepiston table-top depositors to multi-piston depositors and servo-driven pumps
with touchscreen controls, the systems are custom-designed for speed, accuracy,
flexibility and reliability. They can also portion chunky fruit fillings into individual cups and containers.
(877) 292-5715 *

Versatile bun line
With the Combiline Plus and the Industry Rex Compact AW dough divider and
rounder, Koenig Bakery Systems introduces a flexible bun and roll line with an
increased capacity of 33 strokes per minute, resulting in 11,880 pieces per hour
for the six-row operation. The Koenig line features a wide range of optional tools
for making Kaiser rolls or braided buns. The divider and rounder provide an extended weight range of 0.99 to 12.33 oz in one machine.
(804) 798-7983 *

Universal handling system
At iba, Mecatherm is launching a universal and simple handling system that ensures the smooth transport of products during proofing, cooling and freezing. The
handling system transports all kinds of baking sheets, assemblies and peelboards
for the seamless transition of products to proofers, chillers and freezers. The design allows for a wide range of quality products while optimizing operating costs.
It moves trays through the mechanization unit via continuous loop. The system
creates a fluid transfer of trays from the ascending stack to the descending stack.
A flighted chain ensures each of the mechanization units loads smoothly.
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