Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 151

Robotic packaging for bread and buns
The VersaLoader by AMF Bakery Systems uses a patented gantry-style robotic arm to pick-and-place bread or buns into baskets, trays or cases. Servocontrolled motions ensure gentle product handling, depending on the pattern.
With a small footprint, the machine can handle up to 12 baskets per minute.
A patented quick-change end-of-arm tool uses 200 small suction cups to pick
groups of products while compressing the entire pattern into the basket for a
tight package-to-basket fit ratio.
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Stackable baking screens
TabLock Baking Screens from American Pan, a Bundy Baking Solution, use
a patent-pending tab-lock attachment system for easy and economical replacement of baking screens. The high-strength steel frame features an interlocking
rib design that allows pans to stack while protecting the baking screen. The
screens can be configured and coated to meet specific baking needs and removed and replaced using simple hand tools. It was designed with no rivets,
drills or metal shavings.
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Positive drive system for belts
Ashworth's PosiDrive Spiral offers positive engagement of cage and belt drives to
ensure precise product orientation, eliminate jam-ups and streamline packaging.
The system reduces downtime and improves production efficiency. It is an affordable solution for both new and existing spiral applications.
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Truck unloading screen
The B├╝hler truck unloading screen, MKTA, maximizes food safety as early as the
intake process. The intelligent design allows a flour throughput as high as 30 tons
per hour, even with the smallest screen. Thanks to its compact design and low
weight, the screen can easily be installed by a single person. It has been designed
for an operating pressure of up to 20 psi and can be incorporated directly into the
pneumatic transport line. It is available with hole perforations of 2 to 5 mm.
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Paddle blender with recipe management system
Charles Ross & Son Co.'s laboratory paddle blender offers advanced features
for more convenient, automated powder blending and liquid spraying operation
with recipe management. The 1-sq-ft paddle blender, ROSS Model 42P-1SS,
is constructed entirely of stainless steel and driven by a 1-hp TEFC motor.
Complementing the blender's full vacuum capability, features such as a pneumatic powder charging port and liquid delivery spray system promote batch-tobatch consistency.
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