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Production scheduling and manufacturing
The M manufacturing module from MiT Systems was designed to provide better production scheduling and management of raw materials to finished goods. Companies can gain real-time availability of every detail involved in the entire manufacturing operation crucial
to the quality assurance and profitability of finished products.
"The M manufacturing module was designed using the latest development tools and configured to meet specific requirements of the
baking industry," said Mark Maraj, vice-president of sales and marketing, MiT Systems. "It can run in a true cloud computing environment or be installed on a traditional on-premise server."
The system automates the manufacturing process by tracking raw materials and ingredients by lot number and managing fluctuating
material costs, time, labor and efficiency. It gives insight into inventory replenishment levels and indicates how much product can be
made given current inventory and raw materials across multiple warehouse locations. The M manufacturing module can fully integrate
into existing ERP systems or act as a standalone system. "Given the scalability and robustness of the M ERP product suite, the manufacturing module can automate both small and large wholesale bakeries," Mr. Maraj said.
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Consistent, flexible wirecuts
Reading Bakery Systems' Thomas L. Green servo wirecut machine offers control, flexibility, safety and easier sanitation. The machine is designed for producing a variety of cookies, biscuits and bars at high throughput yields of up to 300
cuts per minute and maintaining accuracy and consistent piece weights. It uniformly cuts individual shapes by an adjustable wireframe assembly. The recipedriven linear servo motors provide an infinite number of cam profiles to control
wire positioning, stroke length, drop- and up-shoot.
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Quick changeover rotary moulder
Spooner Vicars' A-PEX Sport rotary moulder is designed to fit into the new
A-PEX laminating and sheeting line. The high-output, high-performance machine gives users flexibility with different dough types, product thickness, surface
detail and output speed. The belt circuit is designed to maximize wrap capabilities
around the moulding roll. Quick-change clutches allow rapid-roll changeover, and
the endless extraction web can be changed out in less than 20 minutes.
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