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Dietary fiber levels confirmed for wheat starch
Researchers at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, confirmed that high
levels of dietary fiber exist in MGP Ingredients' Fibersym RW resistant wheat
starch. The study was conducted to discover what percentage of the ingredient
is digestible when consumed as part of a meal. These results further validated
Fibersym's use as a better-for-you ingredient, according to MGP.
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Natural mold inhibitor
Extend the shelf life for clean label and natural products with Brolite's Natural
Mold Inhibitor. It is a cultured product that naturally contains propionic acid. It
contributes little to no flavor to the finished baked food and works well in any
yeast-raised or chemically leavened item.
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Stability for sweet goods
Sweet Pro, Corbion's latest line of emulsifiers, helps bakers eliminate partially
hydrogenated oils and reduce saturated fats in sweet goods. These ingredients also
deliver emulsion stability and moisture retention. With these attributes, bakers
can expect consistent product quality, improved tolerance and easy handling. It is
available in bulk liquid, paste and powder form.
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Minimally processed oats
SowNaked Oats from Bay State Milling are mindfully farmed oats and hit on
several trends washing over the food industry. These oats are grown from hullless oat cultivars in a closed system for improved traceability. They are higher
in protein and lower in carbs than traditional oats and are minimally processed
without heat or steam. They are also Non-GMO Project verified, USDA organic
and certified gluten free.
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Clean-label cake mix
Puratos developed its Satin Clean(er) Label Silver Layer Cake Mix to remove cake
emulsifiers such as PGE/PGME. Without these emulsifiers and chlorinated flour,
however, layer cakes can be yellow in color, have an open crumb and are prone to
collapsing. This cake mix aims to create a uniform crust, desirable volume, a fine
grain and strong structure with clean label ingredients.
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