Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 147

Dietary fiber for chicory root
Under the new FDA definition of dietary fiber, inulin-type fructans derived
from chicory root fiber are now considered a dietary fiber. Sensus America
announced its ingredients based in this fiber, Frutafit and Frutalose, now fall
under that definition.
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Organic clean label starches
Ingredion launched organic functional native starches NOVATION PRIMA
309 and 609. These clean label starches allow bakers and snack makers to
create organic products that require high freeze/thaw stability and undergo
harsh process conditions. They can be listed as "organic corn starch" on an
ingredient label.
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Labeled as dietary fiber
BENEO's chicory root fiber ingredients, Orafti inulin and oligofructose, will
appear as dietary fibers on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts panel. These nondigestible carbohydrates from the chicory root with demonstrable health benefits
fall under FDA's new definition of dietary fiber.
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Natural antioxidant powder
A powder form of naturally sourced tocopherols is now available from
DuPont Nutrition & Health as GUARDIAN TOCO 30P. This label-friendly
antioxidant is ideal for improving processing challenges such as homogenous
distribution, handling and labor-intensive cleanup that can be associated with
liquid tocopherols.
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New classification for oat fiber
Oat fiber is now recognized as a dietary fiber after FDA expanded the definition
of the term. Grain Millers' oat fiber ingredients can now be labeled as a source
of dietary fiber. They are available with a variety of functional characteristics for
many applications including bars and snacks as well as other attributes such as
gluten free, non-GMO and organic.
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