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Organic cheese powder
At the Institute of Food Technologist's annual tradeshow, Land O'Lakes, Inc., debuted an organic Parmesan-flavored cheese powder.
This is the company's second organic dairy ingredient. The Parmesan cheese powder features an umami flavor that consumers will recognize. Made with certified organic ingredients, the powder meets the growing demand for clean label and organic foods. These trends
were a driving force in developing the product.
"Consumers are increasingly looking for clean labels and organic certification to know exactly where their food is coming from," said
Susan Reed, principal scientist, R&D applications manager, Land O'Lakes. "Organic certification requires that we understand where
every ingredient has come from to ensure it is organic. We've done that with this product, and we're thrilled to expand our portfolio of
high-quality cheese powders with this new organic offering."
Land O'Lakes' Parmesan-flavored cheese powder can be used in ready-to-eat snack applications such as popcorn, cheese curls and
puffs, potato chips, crackers, and pretzels, as well as products outside of the snack aisle.
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Inclusive definition for dietary fiber
Tate & Lyle's PROMITOR Soluble Fiber and STA-LITE Polydextrose are now
included under FDA's new definition of dietary fiber. It joins the company's
PromOat Beta Glucan, which is also considered dietary fiber. The definition
expands dietary fiber to include any isolated or synthetic non-digestible
carbohydrate that demonstrates a physiological health benefit.
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Organic tara gum
TIC Gums extended its organic portfolio of hydrocolloids to include organic tara
gum under the name TICorganic Tara Gum HV. Tara works well in both hot and
cold processes and is synergistic with xanthan gum and carrageenan. Derived
from the Peruvian carbo tara tree, it can be used to create mouthfeel, control
moisture, provide viscosity and improve texture and freeze/thaw stability.
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