Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 145

wireless headsets for presenters and live video projectors for
viewing the inside of the equipment. It also offers free training with equipment purchases, regularly scheduled equipment courses and optional customized training and support
classes. As a part of the Handtmann Customer Forum, the
equipment has EU and international approvals for food production, which means it complies with the latest food legislation regulations.
Bakers, of course, are actively involved in defining the
process and tasting the end products for further improvement, but Handtmann gets involved, too. It not only supplies the equipment but can also provide recipes and raw
materials for preliminary trials and keeps specialist application technology experts on hand to assist with product
samples and informative findings.
"In the Handtmann Technology Center, we work closely together with the best partners in the industry: ingredients, recipes, packaging solutions, expert forums, industry
seminars, joint practical tests, trial programs and more,"
Mr. Rössler said. "The overall process is the central focus."
- Karlee Renkoski

Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be Original.


Available in a
6.6 lb. Tub &
35.2 oz. Piping Bag

Donut Holes
with Nutella®

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