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Convertible gas or
diesel engines allow
bakers to choose
which fuel matches
their needs.

Alpha Baking employs two types of alternativeenergy vehicles: LPG and electric. Mr. McGuire said
the distribution route type dictates the power source.
Propane-powered vehicles offer an alternative for
routes that run up to 200 daily miles. He said both
vehicles operate more efficiently on a cost-per-mile
basis than diesel or gas. He added that maintenance
on a cost-per-mile comparison favor alternative energy vehicles in its business. "The key consideration
is that all different alternative energy systems have
unique and very different upfront equipment and infrastructure cost," he said. "Paybacks are challenging
to perform considering all the above."
Roush CleanTech, which designs, engineers, manufactures and installs propane autogas fuel systems for
Ford commercial vehicles, made a significant shift in
its focus over the past five years based on customer
need and input in the food industry. Todd Mouw,
president, Roush CleanTech, said the company helps
customers displace diesel in class 4 through 7 commercial trucks and vacated the light-duty segment
due to customers' pain in managing diesel engine
complexity and the associated rise of total cost of
ownership. In 2016, the company added CNG fuel
system technology.
After a rush of companies invested in alternative
fuel vehicles and pursued government subsidies for
alternative fueling stations, the market's demand for
CNG and LPG fuels slowed around 2015 when gas
prices dipped. But Brian Tabel, executive director of
marketing, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, said
that the recent slowdown doesn't look like it will last.

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CNG is on average 40%
cheaper than diesel
or gasoline fuels and
produces up to 80%
less tailpipe pollution.
"Over time, I don't think gas will continue to stay at
the low levels we've seen. As that begins to creep up,
it will definitely bring a new look toward alternative
fuels," Mr. Tabel said.
CNG is on average 40% cheaper than diesel or gasoline and produces up to 80% less tailpipe pollution.
But CNG is not always a viable option for companies
based on location and availability.

Propping up propane
Propane autogas is a low-carbon fuel that reduces greenhouse gases by up to 25%, carbon monoxide by up to
60% and nitrogen oxide by 20% compared to gasoline,
according to Roush CleanTech.
Schwan's Home Service, Inc., Marshall, MN, is continuing its commitment to clean-burning propane autogas vehicles by deploying 200 Roush CleanTech Ford
E-450 cutaway vehicles. Additionally, the company is
planning to lease an additional 400 units by the end
of 2018. Schwan's Home Service, Inc., a subsidiary of
Schwan's Co., markets and distributes more than 300

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