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Exact Mixing HDX Continuous Mixing System installed on an AMF hamburger bun line producing 14,000 pounds of dough per hour.

the dough pieces at the end of the makeup process (as the dough was shelf-life studies, produce market samples for evaluation, validate
falling into the pans) could be stretched into a transparent film very new ingredients and research profitable innovations in mixing,
easily with no stickiness." "The continuous mix process was extremely forming and baking.
efficient during my time of observation," he said, adding that the mixer
Exact Mixing works closely with AMF Bakery Systems, the
operated at the speed of 924 buns per minute both days. During the industry leader in high speed bread, bun and soft roll equipment,
two days of observation, Mr. O'Donnell reported 100% and 99.6% to help you achieve perfect buns and rolls from start to finish, all
efficiency with the line only losing 30 seconds of production time.
day every day.
Mr. O'Donnell recommended the continuous mixing system for
high-volume production where bakers desire to improve consistency To learn more about the advantages of Continuous Mixing and decide if
and quality of product. He also suggested that the continuous mixing continuous mixing is right for you, please call Jim Warren at
can reduce operating costs and manpower.
(01) 610.693.5816 or visit
Bun and roll manufacturers can test Exact Mixers at the RBS Science
& Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. The 30,000-sqft facility is a fully licensed food production facility for research and
development where bakers can develop new processes, conduct

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