Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 112


Non-Stop Perfection
As bakers seek ways to increase bun consistency and efficiency, continuous mixers provide
new solutions to keep armies of product uniformly marching out of ovens.
The leader in continuous mixing, Exact Mixing, by Reading Bakery
Systems (RBS), now offers continuous mixing systems for buns and
rolls - products bakers previously may not have associated with this
technology. With easy-to-use solutions for sanitation and reduction
of labor and peak energy demands, Exact Mixing can accommodate
"within spec" flour variations and maximize water absorption, while
reducing ingredient costs and improving yield.
Wholesale baking is all about consistency... from beginning to
end. Continuous mixing offers a more consistent product because
it provides a uniform dough stream to a production line at the same

rate it is being used. The mixer thoroughly mixes the dough to
quickly develop strong bonds in gluten strands. Peak development
and consistent dough delivery at the optimum temperature can be
achieved through a precise combination of speeds in the mixing and
developing sections of the system.
Kirk O'Donnell, principal with Bakers Growth, LLC, conducted a
third-party review of the Exact Mixing continuous mixer over a twoday period. The review involved baking standard 4-in. buns, and Mr.
O'Donnell said the dough quality was as consistent as promised. "In
my judgment, the dough was mixed beautifully," he said. "For example,

Continuous vs. batch mixing: bun height

Continuous vs. batch mixing: bun color


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