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isn't running, the temperatures inside the
baking chamber are still high enough to combust any product inside. This may result in a
major fire hazard, so it's important the oven
has some kind of back-up power to empty in
case of an outage. If the product inside the
ovens is a fermented dough, like crackers, Mr.
Hughes explained that alcohol fumes could be
present in the baking chamber. "If the oven is
not evacuated of product residue, the restart
of combustion air fans or even exhaust fans
could possibly lead to an explosion," he said.
For freezers and refrigerators holding finished
products or ingredients, the solution is simple:
Keep the doors closed. Despite not having power,
the chambers will retain their temperatures for a
while if that cold air is trapped inside.

Best-laid plans
Once the high-risk points are identified and
back-up power equipment in place, it's im-

Recovery from blips vs. outages
There are two types of power outages that occur, and each are
very different in outlook and impact. The most common, and probably most irritating, is known as a part-cycle interruption. "This is
usually noticed as the lights blinking off then back on," said Scott
Hughes, engineer, InLine Engineers. "It's often accompanied by
moans, groans and rapid movement from engineers and maintenance personnel."
These aren't prolonged losses of power. Power companies are often switching power supplies to accommodate issues such as trees
falling on power lines. Equipment, however, doesn't always adapt
quickly to these hiccups. Newer equipment or those equipped with
a UPS system can ride through the blip just fine. "Equipment using
unprotected PLCs or VFDs will most likely shut down," Mr. Hughes
said. Unfortunately, this often includes some of the most critical
bakery systems including mixers and ovens.
The second type is a true power outage that can last hours. A
power outage management plan can come into play as all equipment will be down without back-up generators or power supplies.

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