Baking & Snack - August 2018 - 105

Additionally, Franz Haas also offers a baking plate carrier system to allow bakers to easily change out the plates.

Making a smooth exit
Product removal is a critical factor in any waffle or
wafer production, but it becomes even more important for specialty formulas and designs that can often
be quite delicate.
"For these kinds of products, we offer a vacuum
system or needle take-off system that ensures gentle removal from the cavity," Mr. Lamprecht said.
Additionally, Haas plates are constructed with a special material that prevents sticking; this also helps
prevent double deposits caused by failed release.
Tromp Group offers a variety of depanners, including needle, vacuum, continuous, pick-and-place and
others, that are designed for specific product types.
"We also aid product release by seasoning our plates
in a way that provides a protective layer on the plate,"
Mr. Doornbos said.
TSA's proprietary non-stick, coating-free equip-

Even just a few drips from a
multi-piston depositor over
a hot griddle could make or
break the look of a product.
ment does not require needles for product removal,
but the griddles come with an integrated plate oiling
system. For typical waffle and wafer production, bakers usually oil the plates at startup, and it could go for
a week without another application. But with some of
the more difficult formulas, the baker might have to
oil at intervals, such as every few hours, and the TSA
oiling system is fully programmable.
"Once bakers learn their formulas and what they
need as far as release oil, they can program it into our
machine, and the oiling sequence will be automatic
whenever they run the product," Mr. Niemczyk said.

Different heating principles for your individual demands
convection, direct gas fired, cyclothermic and hybrid versions
easy combination of different heating systems by 2m-modules
with same baking chamber dimensions
short baking times and uniform baking process
hygienic design with easy access to the inside of the oven
various oven bands for a wide range of products
process control with easy-to-use recipe manager
heat recovery unit for saving up to 15 % of surplus heat and
reduction of CO2 emission
humidity control system for an optimum baking climate
fast installation - begin production in 14 days


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