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Blenders monitor the
flow of water and control
its temperature, which
is the key to creating
consistent doughs.
The Fred D. Pfening Co.

ingredient gate points could not only improve operational
efficiency but also allow bakeries to cast a smaller net if
faced with a recall situation."
When bakers are investigating these types of software,
it is vital to validate suppliers' experience and capabilities,
according to Mr. Stricker. "How often are [the vendors]
updating and providing enhancements to the software?"
he asked. "How easily expandable is the system in the
event of plant additions? Can it be integrated with upfront
ERP systems, and can they access the data remotely?"
Mr. Hunter recommended that bakers must safeguard
against errors that could be found later in records when
they're audited. Nobody likes those types of surprises.
"If I check all ingredients, will it be clear what the product is or what the lot number is? Is it clear which ingredients have been released or are on hold for use?" he queried.
"All of these points must be addressed to verify that lot
number traceability systems can be validated as necessary."
When it comes to food safety, nobody wants to see
any errors or hear any excuses. If that happens, it makes
all managers feel like they want to cry.


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