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lanes into pieces. "It's a fairly slow and gentle process,"
Mr. Riggle said. "It's not just a guillotine that hammers
into the dough sheet. There's a small point of contact
with the dough, so you don't see a lot of abuse or damage to the dough created by the guillotine."
Decreasing compression and pressure is a theme in
many artisan dough dividers. Reduce these elements
and the damage is reduced as well. AMF Bakery Systems
minimizes damage to grain structure with its Flex metering pump technology. This technology reduces the
pressure on the dough in the divider.
Werner & Pfleiderer TWS soft roller divider and
rounder from Gemini Bakery Equipment was modified
to divide with less compression, making it well-suited
for high-absorption and fermented doughs. "The rounding mechanism has also been modified to allow it to
round more sensitive or stickier dough formulations,"
said Ken Johnson, president, Gemini Bakery Equipment.
Reducing compression and pressure in dividing protects an artisan dough's
delicate cell structure.
AMF Bakery Systems

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