Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 83

Artisan Tech

Improvements in technology and
technique help artisan bakers
automate in ways that are right for
their processes and products.
by Charlotte Atchley

A low-stress dough sheet is cut into lanes before
being divided by a guillotine into dough pieces.
Rademaker USA

Artisan bread is often defined by everything conventional sandwich bread is not. "Artisan implies
unique, different, artistic while high-speed production lends itself to repeatable, consistent and
measurable performance," said Daniel Habel, product team leader, specialty makeup solutions, AMF
Bakery Systems.
For many years, automation did not seem like it
could ever become a part of the artisan process. It
seems to go against the nature of what defines artisan. However, when characterized by high water content, longer fermentation times and open cell structure, artisan bread can be processed on automated
equipment with the leaps technology has made. That
doesn't mean these baked goods don't come with
their own challenges, which are distinct from those
involved with producing other breads.
"The whole process - pre-ferment, final mix,
long floor times - creates a certain cell structure
within the dough, and later in the crumb structure,
it requires a gentle approach during the makeup to
reach the desired final product," said Jerry Murphy,
president, Rondo, Inc. All that work to create the
perfect open cell structure can be undone in a divider or moulder that is too rough. "Artisan dough / July 2018 Baking & Snack 83

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