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Multiple ingredients
will always be
needed to mimic
the lost functionality
and flavor of sugar.

solutions. These ingredients deliver the
flavor and work, along with other ingredients, to replace all that sugar does.

Drilling down on function
Flavor is only one side of the sugar reduction conversation. "Replacing the sweetness
is easy with high-potency natural or artificial sweeteners," Mr. Estal said. "Replacing
the bulking effect and functionality of sugar in the formula is very difficult."
Multiple ingredients will always be
needed to mimic the lost functionality and flavor of sugar. "Such systems,
when customized by sweetener scientists
working in tandem with product developers, will perform with exacting specificity to address a complex of specified
parameters in a formulation," Dr. Icoz
said. Ingredion's DIAL-IN Sweetness &
Texture Technology process walks bakers through the sugar reduction process.
"Applying the process to sugar reduction
allows the development team to take advantage of the expertise in sweeteners and
texture solutions Ingredion offers while ensuring a trackable system for fine-tuning or
later reformulation," Dr. Icoz said.

relatively new on the scene. "Allulose as a
single compound is about 70% as sweet as
sugar," said Thom King, CEO and president of Icon Foods. "It functions like sugar
in every way including browning, activation of leavening and participation in the
Maillard reaction."
Icon Foods' KetoseSweet+ combines allulose with stevia and monk fruit to bring
the sweetness level inline with that of sugar with less than 10% of the calories.
Sometimes it can take a systems approach to replace the sweetness of sugar,
mask any off-notes and restore mouthfeel. Ihab Bishay, PhD, senior director of
new business development, Ajinimoto
USA, suggested blending a clean-tasting
sweetener with enhancers and modifiers
to find the right taste.
To achieve the correct flavor, mouthfeel Sugar's importance to baked goods goes beyond taste.
and texture after reducing sugar, Kerry It serves several different functions and provides bulk
Ingredients uses its TasteSense portfolio in their formulations.
Kerry Ingredients

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