Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 70


Because of their association with fiber and whole grains,
baked goods are ideal platforms to deliver prebiotics.
DuPont Nutrition

potentially harmful bacteria. This positively impacts the overall gut microflora.
"Chicory root fiber can be easily incorporated into most baking applications," Mr. Turowski said. "Functionally
it has properties that enable it to be
used as a replacement for sugar, fat or
flour, providing the potential for additional health benefits. In addition to
prebiotic and digestive health claims, it
may also be possible to claim a 'good' or
'excellent' source of fiber depending on
the usage level in the product."
Trader Joe's, Monrovia, CA, makes
such claims on its 12 Grain Mini Snack
Crackers. The product's packaging says
"with inulin (prebiotic fiber) to help support the digestive tract" and "good source
of fiber." One serving, about 22 crackers,
provides 3 g fiber.
Jon Peters, president of Beneo Inc.,
thinks prebiotic chicory root fiber will
gain more consumer awareness in 2018 as
a prebiotic and sugar replacer.
"With the current discussion about
sugar reduction and less 'added sugars'
ongoing, chicory root fibers offer a smart
way to reduce or replace sugar while improving the nutritional profile by adding
a prebiotic fiber," Mr. Peters said. "It also
helps to increase the fiber content of food
and beverage products invisibly, which
means that taste and texture remain the
same or are even improved."
Beneo's functional fibers - inulin and
oligofructose - have been proven to
support weight management and help the
body absorb more calcium for stronger
bones. In addition, Beneo's functional fi-

bers support a
low glycemic diet.
The European Food
Safety Authority has
positively evaluated
claims that Beneo's oligofructose varieties can
be used in foods for reducing
the post-prandial glycemic response.
In baked goods and snack aisles,
chicory root fiber is most often included
in nutrition bars, cereals and breads.
"Given the ongoing pressure to reduce
added sugars, bakeries are also looking
at chicory root fiber for reduced-sugar
cakes and cookies," said Taylor Halstead,
product manager for specialty carbohydrates, Cargill. While many bulking
agents result in finished products with
a crisper or firmer texture, chicory root
fiber more closely mimics the texture of
its full-sugar counterpart.

Picking up momentum
The list of specialty prebiotic fibers is
growing, and their benefits are being explored in clinical studies.
Ingredion's scFOS prebiotic, a short
chain fructooligosaccharide, has different attributes and functionalities
depending on the application. It has a
clean, slightly sweet flavor (30% sweetness of sugar) and performs similarly to
sugar at typical inclusion levels, and does
not affect the taste of the end product.
It's soluble and does not contribute to
viscosity, but it enhances flavors and can
help round out the sweetness profile of
high-intensity sweeteners.
"The scFOS' short chain structure with
glucose termination narrows the fermentation profile, and while the good bacte-

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