Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 55

Searching for a single machine to produce your
entire line of gluten-free bakery products?
Getting into gluten-free has never been easier than with the versatile Vemag.
A single Vemag will prove to be the most flexible machine in your plant. The Vemag
incorporates a variety of innovative attachments that allow it to produce all
types of gluten-free products. It can easily handle the stickiest and most
fluid gluten-free doughs and batters. The Vemag's modular design
allows it to be used as a dough divider, cookie dough
depositor, brownie sheeter, bar extruder, batter
depositor and more. As your product mix changes, the Vemag can adapt with you.
The Vemag's double-screw pumping technology sets the standard for
portioning accuracy, speed and product quality...while never overworking the
product. And its stainless steel construction and an easy-to-clean design with
total access to the product path allows complete sanitation of the Vemag, while
eliminating any cross-contamination risks. Test the Vemag for yourself -
schedule a demonstration at the Reiser Customer Center today.


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