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can be equipped with one or more mixers. It facilitates floor cleaning and allows flexibility without operator intervention in spongeand-dough processes, including fermentation, resting and proofing times, or the addition of scrap dough.
These mixing systems have been designed for high throughput,
so bakers need only schedule production plans and can be assured
that their recipes will run automatically with great consistency.
Because there is less need for monitoring from operators, bakers
can increase profitability.
The ULTIMIX planetary mixer for snack, cake and pastry products will also be on display at the VMI booth, as will the latest
mixer KNEADSTER, equipped with two tools especially shaped
for snack food products.
depositor is a compact solution for fast, precise multi-piston depositing. The company will demonstrate how the depositor can deposit stiff batters, macarons, chunky fillings, egg custards, singleserve desserts, mousse cups and much more using servo-driven
The machine also features a computer-controlled servo drive
and accurate individual portion control through each nozzle. It
is gentle on delicate products with chunks or inclusions and can
spread and fill stiff, heavy products. It also features a built-in pan
sensor and PLC controls, and the choice of six or eight nozzles and
three product cylinders.

VMI | Hall B2 Booth No. 430
Virtual reality (VR) is giving iba attendees an entirely new perspective. VMI will host a VR experience that will allow visitors to
discover its latest full-size innovations for the bakery industry and
see them in a whole new way.
VMI will present its new robotic mixing system with an overhead shuttle for the automated transport of the bowls. The system

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WP Bakery Group USA
Hall B4 Booth No. 110
Experience the latest technology in bread, roll, donut frying, bagel
and pretzel production at the WP Bakery Group booth. Visitors will
enjoy live demos and a full-service restaurant to rest, recharge and
learn more about how WP is helping bakers grow their business.
The dough dividing-and-moulding machine, Soft Star CTi,
which produces particularly efficient dough balls of high quality
and weight accuracy, will be highlighter in the booth. This technology is optimally adapted for processing doughs with extremely high dough absorption and dough rest. The separation of the
dough processing area and the drive area, as well as the modular
design of the machine, makes maintenance of the machine easy.
WP will show visitors how good ergonomics, optimal accessibility, easy-to-exchange interchange parts and a graphical user interface complete the profile of the SoftStar CTi. The hygienic design
provides good accessibility to all dough contacting components.
As such, dough residues can be removed quickly and completely.
Using long-lasting drives along with its robust design, the Soft
Star CTi is specifically designed for use in multi-shift operations.

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