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Rondo | Hall A1 Booth No. 111
True to the motto "Dough-how & more," Rondo will present new
technology and processes for producing premium bakery products
in the areas of pastries, croissants, pizza, and particularly bread
and rolls.
The Swiss manufacturer of dough processing machines and systems will be exhibiting on more than 10,000 sq ft many innovations and enhancements for artisanal and automated processes as
well as for industrial production. One highlight at Rondo's booth is
the new Rondo ARTISANA, an industrial line for all types of cut,
long-moulded and round-moulded artisanal bread and rolls.
The ARTISANA Bread Line is an industrial line to produce
high-quality artisan bread. It combines high capacity and flexibility
with hygienic design. It allows the production of round-moulded,
long-moulded and cut artisan bread and rolls made of dough with
high hydration and resting time. The unique multi-phase rounding process of the RONDObot allows, for the first time, bakers to
round-mould soft dough in a smooth and gentle way. In conjunction with RONDOnet, the industry 4.0 application from Rondo,
ARTISANA knows exactly how many products it produces, when
it needs to be maintained and, in the future, whether the result of
the operation meets the programmed requirements.

so it built the Shick Esteve Cloud to consolidate and bring customers' data, reports, intelligence, and overall view of equipment
in a single pane of glass. The company uses a best-in-class device
to gather data from various sources and send it up to the cloud,
in addition to storing the data on site. This allows secure remote
access to the site. The platform can deliver more than 100 million
data points per day and funnel those, when appropriate, to the
cloud for analysis. Additional modules will be available to see order history, tracking information and cross reference sensor data
for historical and future orders.

Topos Mondial | Hall B6 Booth No. 100
Topos Mondial will exhibit five of its most popular mixers, along
with one of its recently improved dough chunkers for use above a
makeup line.
The company is showcasing the latest Model T-300OF Super
Sanitary, all S/S, open frame removable bowl spiral dough mixer
as well as the latest upgrades and sanitary improvements on the
Model T-750 vertical double planetary mixer.
The new open-frame mixer is designed from the ground up to
be prepared for the most stringent sanitation protocols. The design achieves high rigidity and durability, while safely covering
the pinch points that otherwise arise between the moving and the
stationary frame in these designs. The engineering placed emphasis on eliminating various pockets and hidden
hard-to-clean spaces found in
many spiral mixers. The mixer driveline uses a
heavy-duty directdrive gearmotor,
which eliminates
moving parts such
as belts, tensioners and pulleys. This
direct-drive architecture eliminates the need for numerous safety guards and switches.
Booth visitors will see how having fewer intricate surfaces, bolts
and interfaces, in turn, makes the task of thoroughly cleaning the
mixer substantially easier.

Shick Esteve | Hall B4 Booth No. 550
Shick Esteve will showcase the latest in ingredient automation solutions and process design at iba. The company will demonstrate
its expertise in automation of bulk, minor/micro, liquid ingredients and process design through various interactive displays. Shick
Esteve will also highlight its Internet of Things platform that includes data acquisition, recipe/batch management and traceability,
called the Shick Esteve Cloud.
Shick Esteve focuses on giving customers greater access to data,

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Unifiller Systems | Hall A3 Booth No. 111
The Unifiller Systems booth will highlight the multi-piston depositor. Engineers and staff will be on hand to welcome attendees
and provide an immersive experience with Unifiller equipment.
The company will be hosting live demos all week, and visitors are
invited to schedule one-on-one meetings with equipment experts
to discuss automated solutions.
With speeds of up to 120 cycles a minute, Unifiller's MultiStation

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