Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 36


Packaging Progressions, Inc.
Hall B6 Booth No. 372
The Packaging Progressions booth will welcome attendees looking
for high-speed interleavers, underleavers and stackers.
On display will be the new ProLeaver 26300 and ProSta Shuttle
Stacker. This is a completely automatic solution to interleave,
count and stack dough sheets with no operator required. The
system handles large and small sheets single lanes up to five with
speeds up to 300 sheets per minute, per lane, and a stack height of
up to 2 in. The ProStax Shuttle handles long and short portions on
the same stacker as well as the ability to stack portions without full
paper coverage or with no paper.
requested products and optimal price-performance ratio.
Additionally, Koenig will highlight its dough sheeting line for
artisan bakeries that produce small- and large-pore doughs. And
finally, the booth will feature the Menes-H industrial dough sheeting line with new universal dough sheet former adaptable for a
wide variety of doughs.

Rademaker | Hall A5 Booth 331

Mecatherm | Hall B2 Booth No. 150
Mecatherm's vision is to make industrial baking simpler through
new product releases at iba. The company will reveal a new oven,
which it says is flexible, precise and smart and is specifically designed to help bakers meet more diversified demand and an increasingly versatile consumer.
The oven offers the opportunity to use just one piece of equipment to bake several different products from soft to crusty breads
to pastry. A tailor-made management of the baking curve on an
intuitive interface fosters quality and uniformity of the products.
The oven was created to match manufacturers' need to reduce
costs. And the design of the equipment itself has been crafted to
facilitate easy maintenance while also helping with energy saving.
Visitors to the Mecatherm booth will be able to attend live
demos every day.

36 Baking & Snack July 2018 /

Rademaker will focus on innovation for the smaller wholesale baker at this year's iba. The booth will feature industrial, yet smaller
volume production lines for production of croissant, Danish and
artisan bread products along with innovations from the industrial
Crusto Artisan Bread Line.
Various worldwide market trends require more flexible production solutions at a lower capacity without sacrificing industrial
design, according to the company. So, it is presenting midrange
bakery machines that have a dough capacity of 500 to 3,000 lb per
hour but will maintain the industrial integrity customers expect.
Hygiene, efficiency, flexibility and product quality were the focal
points during the equipment's development. The Rademaker midrange solutions feature hygienic design and sanitation. Best-in-class
machine uptime in this capacity range is realized focusing on ease
of maintenance, product changeover, and high level of reliability.
Product quality is ensured due to the lowest dough stress processes,
resulting in the highest quality bread and pastry products.
Information and opportunities in systems integration and virtual reality training will be on display as well. Rademaker also invites
all attendees to stop by and enjoy a meal or cup of coffee.

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