Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 35

Intralox | Hall A1 Booth No. 151
Intralox invites all iba attendees to its booth to see the latest conveyance solutions in the bakery industry, including the company's DirectDrive System (DDS) and ThermoDrive technology.
Throughout the show, Intralox
bakery experts will be hosting
interactive presentations and
daily lunches, and everything is
open to all iba attendees.
Highlighted at the booth
will be the DirectDrive Stacker,
which is an extension of the
Intralox DDS. It is a lightweight
modular plastic solution that
combines the hygienic and
space-saving benefits of stackers with the unique, simplified
operating system advantages of
the DDS. The open side plates
on this design provide improved horizontal air flow and the allplastic construction prevents product contamination from metal
wear debris.
Other benefits include a hygienic design that allows the stacker to be cleaned easily, efficiently and thoroughly. The horizontal
airflow improves dwell-time efficiency. The stacker's all-plastic
construction also eliminates the chance of metal contamination
and the need for lubrication. It also reduces product marking and
product loss due to adhesion by up to 80%.

IPCO | Hall A6 Booth No. 131
Visitors at the IPCO booth will be able to check out the company's
conveyor models for learning how the IPCO-belt group can help
develop their own bake oven line. They will also learn how to get
engineering and design support. Additionally, a food-grade stainless steel model will be running to show other opportunities available from IPCO.
IPCO is a manufacturer of carbon-steel bake oven belts, supplying OEMs and end users around the world. Previously operating

as Sandvik Process Systems, IPCO is now an independent company within the Wallenberg group, with 600 employees and more
than 35 sales and service offices. The company produces belts in
widths from 800 mm to 3,500 mm. The use of wide belts enables
significant improvements in capacity without having to invest in
factory extensions or new facilities.
IPCO steel bake oven belts are available in solid or perforated
form that are suitable for products as diverse as bread, biscuits,
brownies, crackers, energy bars, pastries, sponges, all-butter cookies and pizza bases. This versatility allows manufacturers to broaden product ranges and expand into new markets.
The company will also show how it can provide engineering
support and conveyor components.

Kaak Group | Hall A1 Booth No. 231
Kaak Group is presenting The Smart Baking Experience at its
booth, where experts will showcase how to achieve better baking
results with lower costs and smarter production.
The company will also highlight how, for more than 100 years,
it has been standing at the cradle of bakery automation. Through
displays around the booth, the company will also demonstrate
its digital tools to control the heartbeat of bakery businesses: the
baked goods. There will be displays to show how Kaak Group can
help bakers produce artisan bread, baguettes, cake, ciabatta, freestanding bread, pizza, pastry, rolls and buns, toast and tin bread, as
well as how to manage multi-product lines.

Koenig Bakery Systems | Hall B2 Booth No. 370, 570
Koenig will present machines and lines at iba that combine the
power of the four elements - water, air, earth and fire - to produce the perfect bread.
One of the new Koenig developments to be presented at iba
is the Combiline plus, a completely revised version of the machine for even easier cleaning, maintenance and access to all
modules. Combiline plus increases capacity with an output of
11,880 pieces in a 6-row operation. With the Combiline plus,
bakeries can produce dinner rolls, sub rolls, hoagies, hamburger and hot dog buns, and stamped rolls, such as Kaiser. An
entirely new user interface simplifies operation for daily production but also for changes in programs and service activities.
The Combiline plus still features modular design based on the / July 2018 Baking & Snack 35

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