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Shaffer, a Bundy Baking Solution | Booth No. 210
At iba, attendees can experience the latest in pan and equipment
technology from Shaffer, a Bundy Baking Solution. The company
will unveil its new Select Series mixers, designed to offer excellent
mixing and dough development and machine durability.
The all stainless-steel construction combined with water-tight enclosures and an open frame provide a mix of simple and sanitary
design. The mixer drive system and operator controls are made up
of well-known, commonly stocked components that simplify mixer
operation and maintenance. The bowl tilt system can be configured
to allow forward and reverse tilt if required. Select Series Mixers are
available with Shaffer's patented VerTech refrigeration jacket, which
offers the a durable and energy-efficient bowl cooling solution.

Spooner Vicars | Booth No. 120
Spooner Vicars, a Middleby Bakery Group company, will showcase
the Vortex high-speed horizontal mixer for cookie, biscuit,
cracker and other similar hard and soft doughs. Spooner
Vicars' sprag, a fixed stator inside
the bowl, allows the dough to be
folded, sheared and kneaded thoroughly. Research has shown this
reduces mix times significantly.
Temperature is important, and the
sprag houses a temperature sensor to monitor this while the bowl
is jacketed to permit water circulation

from an external source to maintain the ideal bowl temperature.
Capacities range from 350 to 2,400 kg (770 to 5,300 lb). The 750kg (1,600 lb) mixer uses a 90-kW heavy-duty variable-frequency drive
with programmable speed and slow start ramps to handle torque
when switching from low- to high-speed cycles.

Stewart Systems | Booth No. 120
Visitors are invited to experience the next generation makeup line
featuring a variety of improvements. The most notable development is the detachable manifold assembly, which can roll away and
allow for easier cleaning. It is removed from the main divider body
without the use of tools. The manifold itself can also be cleaned
by removing the inspection cover without tools. The main divider
body essentially serves as a dough pump and can attach to a manifold assembly of the customer's choice.
The exterior of the dough divider is now a hygienic wash-down design, and the overhead proofer is easier to clean. Overhead side panels
are removable with one simple tool for safety. Single swing-away bottom panels make it easier to dispose of accumulated flour dust.

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