Baking & Snack - July 2018 - 30


Reading Bakery Systems | Booth No. 234

Hinds Bock | Booth No. 111
Hinds-Bock, a Middleby Bakery Group company, will be ready to
discuss the many industrial bakery equipment solutions it offers.
Its booth will have two large screen monitors with the latest product application videos, as well as a self-serve digital information
center that allows visitors to select an application and choose the
right piece of equipment or system for that application.
At this year's iba, the new mini-dessert line and donut finishing system will be exciting topics of discussion, according to the
The mini-dessert line is an automated system that was created
to answer the production problems associated with the laborintensive and portion-sensitive production of mini products such
as muffins, snack cakes, brownies and mini cheesecake. All systems
can be designed specific to baker applications and typically include
multi-piston batter depositor, cup denester, crumb and tamp station, and dry or wet topping station.

Kwik Lok | Booth No. 138
Kwik Lok's booth will feature a wide range of demonstrations
for attendees. The company's customizable closure labels will be
on display, showing how they provide a variety of flexible labeling solutions that can drive sales and bold promotion messaging.
Whether bakers are simply looking to be seen or want to amplify
their marketing message, Kwik Lok will be showcasing solutions.
Kwik Lok closure labels have been shown to
increase sales up to 40%, according to the
company. They can help gain incremental
shelf and display space, link promotions
with Immediate Redemption (IRC)
and Quick Response (QR) codes, as
well as bounce-back coupons and crossbrand, product and in-store promotions. Attendees are invited to visit the
booth to see how versatility, customization and Kwik Lok's art and design services can give them the tools to stand out
among the competition.

30 Baking & Snack July 2018 /

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a Markel Food Group company,
will feature several new baking technologies and innovative snack
systems in an interactive booth at iba. RBS will display an Exact
Mixing HDX continuous mixing system for buns and feature the
new Thomas L. Green Servo Wirecut Machine.
The wirecut machine offers more control and flexibility, as well
as better safety features and easier sanitation. The machine is ideal
for producing a variety of cookies, biscuits and bar products at
high throughput yields of up to 300 cuts per minute while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistent piece weights.
The machine uniformly cuts
individual shapes by an adjustable wireframe assembly. The recipe-driven linear
servo motors provide an infinite number of cam profiles
to control wire positioning,
stroke length, drop- and upshoot, and adjustments can
be made easily via the integrated touchscreen interface.

Reading Thermal | Booth No. 234
Reading Thermal will feature the SCORPION oven profiling solutions specifically developed for bread and bun bakers. These solutions include the Pan+Dough Probe and the Temp+Airflow Sensor
Array. The Pan+Dough Probe helps bakers achieve consistent
Bake Cycle S-Curves. It is a fixed-position dough interface/core
temperature measuring device that works with the SCORPION 2
System to provide accurate, repeatable data that are not possible with hand-placed thermocouple probes. The Temp+Airflow
Sensor Array is used to simultaneously profile temperature and
airflow across the width of large tray and grid conveyor ovens.
Reading Thermal will also be giving away a new SCORPION
Food Safety System to one show attendee. This system simplifies
the kill step validation of the baking process. It allows bakers to
collect five product core temperature measurements and automatically generate the KSV Lethality report.

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