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Indulgent treats like muffins can offer nutritious appeal with protein and other healthy inclusions and offer alternatives to protein bars.

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for muscle building and repair," Mr.
Dare said.
Prinova offers functional market
forms of vitamins and minerals, including customized blends for the
fortification of baked goods. "Some
forms are more soluble and bioavailable than others and offer different taste profiles and stability," Mr.
Chaudhari said. "We design precise
formulations choosing the most
compatible market forms based on
the finished product characteristics,
processing conditions and regulatory requirements."
While often focused on muscle
health, athletes often tend to forget
the importance of managing their
immune system. Sports nutrition
products can be formulated to assist.
"The demands of working out can
often predispose athletes to getting
sick, which can throw off training,"
said Michael Kemp, nutrition manager, North America, Kerry.
Kerry's beta 1,3/1,6 glucan is extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker's yeast, and
more than a dozen clinical studies demonstrate its ability to help
strengthen the immune system.
Several of these studies have shown
the ingredient to help increase vigor
and mental clarity while reducing
fatigue, tension, confusion and upper respiratory tract infection after
intense events, such as a marathon.
The ingredient is stable to common
baking temperatures and is largely
neutral to taste in baked goods.
The best sports nutrition products are ones that are convenient or
easily snackable. Many athletes are
eating meals in non-traditional locations such as during a workout, at
the gym, or on the go to and from
the gym.
"Making a sandwich between
squat sets is not going to happen,"
Mr. Kemp said. "Being able to integrate a food into the schedule of
an athlete is of really high importance today."


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