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focus from carbohydrate and protein utilization towards
improved blood sugar management and fat burning."
Beneo offers isomaltulose, a low-glycemic sweetener
made from beet sugar that occurs naturally in honey. It
is fully digestible, and it provides full carbohydrate energy in a balanced and sustained way, eliminating the
undesired "boost and crash effect" generally associated
with other sugars.
"Isomaltulose provides natural energy in a balanced
way with less blood glucose fluctuation and steadier insulin release, resulting in an improved metabolism," Mr.
Peters said. "This helps the body burn more fat for energy,
which makes it an ideal carbohydrate in sports nutrition."
Even natural caffeine makes sense as a source of energy. Studies show an average improvement in performance of about 12% with more benefits noticed during
endurance exercise than with shorter exercise. This noncalorie stimulant, however, may exert a diuretic effect.
Too much is never a good idea.

Inclusions are an easy way
to add protein and other
nutrients, along with flavor,
color and texture.
"Consumers often turn to caffeine before a workout
to give an extra boost during workouts," Ms. Raban said.
"Many formulators prefer to use botanical ingredients
that are natural sources of caffeine. This includes guarana, yerba mate, guayusa, kola nut and green tea."
Beets are also a trending ingredient due to their naturally occurring nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide in the body. These nitrates have been associated with
better workouts and recovery, Ms. Raban said.
Fiber is another nutrient that is often part of highprotein performance foods. Some provide additional
benefits including sweetness, creaminess (fat mimetic),
color and even texture.
"Many consumers don't realize that high levels of protein can affect digestion," Ms. Raban said. "Including
fiber can help with some of the uncomfortable effects
when consuming large amounts of protein."
Inclusions are an easy way to add protein and other
nutrients along with flavor, color and texture. Most baked
goods benefit from their addition, as they add eye appeal
that attracts the shopper.
"Inclusions can carry protein of any source, whey or
Pumpkin seeds or other plant-based proteins offer additional nutrients and
texture to bars or other goods aimed at health-minded consumers.
Azurita -

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plant-based, to add flavor in any baked good," said Aaron
Dare, global director for encapsulates and inclusions,
Balchem. "Our inclusion line includes flavorful, high-fat
options as energy sources that make sense for bars designed for keto and paleo diets, where you need energy
without increased sugars."
Balchem's encapsulation technology protects heatsensitive sports nutrition ingredients, enabling their
use in baked applications. "We offer a stable vitamin C
for sports bars," Mr. Dare said. "We offer multiple tastemasking capabilities that can help improve the flavor of
vitamin B-complex and energy ingredients such as caffeine and guarana."

More than muscle
Encapsulating minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc
and copper can assist in formulation, and they offer beneficial healthy attributes. "These minerals are necessary

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