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After applying olive oil and sauce, the dough sheet
is die cut at a rate of 3,000 pizzas per hour.
with velvety, made-from-scratch
béchamel sauce - everyone must
also don facial masks before entering through the door.

Summer's coming...
Don't sweat it.

Tradition at high speeds
At the start of production, a Shick
Esteve bulk ingredient handling
system distributes flour throughout the bakery from four, 30-tonne
(66,000-lb) silos. Sugar, chocolate,
salt, semolina and other key minor
ingredients for making cookies and
myriad baked goods come from a
Shick Esteve supersack system.
In the viennoiserie, or pastry area,
two VMI spiral mixers fed the existing Rondo Doge laminating line as
the newer one was under construction during Baking & Snack's visit. Mr.
Babarit observed that scheduling alternates between 16 hours of raw frozen croissant production followed by
another 16 hours for making pain au
chocolat. "We place a high emphasis
on using only the freshest quality ingredients for our pastries," Mr. Babarit
said. "Many of these ingredients come
from the rural farms in France."
Nearby, a Rondo Doge line produces 3,000 individually sized pizzas an hour. After traveling through
multiple reduction stations, the
dough sheet is topped with olive oil
and tomato sauce before it's die cut
into round pieces with the scrap recycled back to the VMI mixing station. Line workers then add cheese
and other ingredients to create sausage, four-cheese, or ham and mushroom pizzas.
Following baking in a Gouet
pizza oven for a few minutes, the

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