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Natural mold inhibitor
Extend the shelf life for clean-label and natural products with Brolite's Natural
Mold Inhibitor. It is a cultured product that naturally contains propionic acid. It
contributes little to no flavor to the finished baked food and works well in any
yeast-raised or chemically leavened item.
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Whey protein for bars
To address the issue of textural deterioration of high-protein bars, Arla Foods
Ingredients developed Nutrilac PB-8420. This new whey protein helps bars retain
a chewy texture for 12 months or more in ambient storage conditions. It is
derived from cow's milk and is all-natural, keeping in step with consumer
demand for clean label.
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Tres leches cake components
Puratos brings together liquid and cake base products for tres leches cakes.
Dulcerio Tres Leche syrup is a ready-to-use, freeze-thaw-stable syrup that offers
flavor consistency. Tegral Dulcerio Sponge Cake produces stable, voluminous
sponge cake with a firm, dense structure. Operators can combine the two and add
fruit or liquor to customize the finished cakes.
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FSMA-compliant hydrocolloid
TIC Gums debuted a hydrocolloid solution to address Food Safety Modernization
Act (FSMA) compliance concerns: GuarNT USA. One of the goals of FSMA
is to ensure imported foods and ingredients are safe with its Foreign Supplier
Verification Program. TIC Gums alleviates that concern by manufacturing
GuarNT USA in the US and includes a microbiological kill step for product safety.
(800) 221-3953 *

High in antioxidant power
Malt extract has three-to-seven times the antioxidant power of fresh broccoli,
according to Malt Products. The company recently tested its extracts for oxygen
radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). With a total ORAC of 485, malt extract delivers singlet oxygen, hydroxyl, superoxide anion and peroxyl radicals - natural
antioxidants. It is also a "good" source of dietary silicon, B vitamins and minerals
such magnesium, manganese and selenium.
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