Baking & Snack - June 2018 - 119

Warehouse Management


Bakers must track information from a multitude of sources.
Keeping everything straight requires communication and organization.
by Nico Roesler


Technology doesn't advance at a steady, synchronized
rate. Sometimes revolutionary breakthroughs like the
iPhone can render previous generations of technology
obsolete in an instant. In other cases, innovation evolves
slowly, creating a patchwork of devices and software that
comingles for years.
In a warehouse that uses manual, paper-based systems
to track delivery truck loading and unloading, transitioning to computer and cloud-based systems turns
everything into a chaotic mountain of data. Thankfully,
there are ways to stay organized and integrate a network
of systems operating on different platforms.
Countless variables go into processing baked goods,
and as more bakeries move toward frozen products,
many factors must be considered when upgrading a
warehouse management system (WMS). Having a

multi-platform system developed with modern tools
for easy remote access can enhance the user experience and reduce complexities, noted Mark Maraj,
vice-president, sales and marketing, MiT Systems.
There are apps, operating systems and websites for
just about any function within the supply chain eco-system, and integration remains the key. To make it flourish, however, integration needs to be embraced by bakers looking to increase the efficiency of their warehouse,
said Eric VandenBerg, director of customers solutions
and product management, Harvest Food Solutions.
"Having a seamless solution that brings together several
seemingly separate systems should be one of the baker's
highest priorities," Mr. VandenBerg said.
Mr. VandenBerg added that the fix to any problem
should also be easily scalable. Bakers are exposed to not

Barcode and label scanners
can work across a variety
of platforms and can be attached to personal devices
like cell phones.
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