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Cooled, Cold, Colder
Temperature determines how to portion desserts with ultrasonic or mechanical technology.
by Karlee Renkoski


Consumers don't want to buy a birthday cake with excess crumbs and smeared icing or a piece of pie with its
edges missing. Whether creating layered cakes, gooey
brownies or compact cheesecakes, dessert producers
all desire the same thing from their slicing equipment:
a clean cut.
However, when asked which machines are best for
that perfect slice, the initial response often is, "Well, it
depends." With so many variables, including cost, size of
cut and the type of product, there's no one way to slice
desserts. But, the right machine for the job primarily depends on a product's temperature and vice versa.
"There's not an individual magic number that you
need to be at for every type of dessert product," said
Justin Atkins, director of sales, Bettendorf Stanford. "But
each one is going to come with its own specific temperature range that it runs best, which is based on the product and the type of equipment that you're running it on."
In some cases, a dessert producer - often a smaller
one - might need to tweak its product's formulations

to adapt to a specific temperature for slicing. "One of
the things that we always say is, 'If you can't pick up the
product without breaking it, it probably won't cut properly,' " said Doug Petrovich, vice-president, sales and
service, FoodTools Consolidated, Inc.
Slicing fresh desserts has the potential to save time
but if not done carefully and with the proper equipment, it could result in a mushy mess. On the opposite
end of the spectrum, freezing a product requires more
time, but the blade has more force and creates less damage when slicing. Temperature - cooled, frozen or the
degrees in between - should be at the forefront of every
baker's dessert slicing decision.

Read the thermometer
While guillotine-style slicers work well for frozen products, a host of options exist for portioning fresh or delicate sweet goods.
Erika Record Baking Equipment focuses on slicing
fresh desserts using the reciprocating method, which is
Ultrsonic slicers use
titanium blades that
vibrate so quickly the
movement isn't seen.
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