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The storage of flour is critical to the safety of the
end product.
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food production facilities, AIB
University, NAMA, and the US
Department of Agriculture, is
committed to collecting and
evaluating information regarding food safety, food defense and
fraud, food quality and integrated
pest management. This network
of sharing and reviewing information between facilities and companies promotes industry efforts and
best practices for food protection,
Ms. Farris said. Through its committee, IAOM communicates sanitary design best practices to suppliers of equipment, products and
Likewise, in "North American
Millers' Association Statement on
E. coli in Wheat Flour," Chris Clark,
vice-president, NAMA, emphasized
that food safety is a core value for
the milling industry and the entire
wheat sector, including growers,
processors, manufacturers, grocery
retailers and restaurants.
"Because the milling industry
cares deeply about the safety of
its products and the consumers
who use them, NAMA recently
launched a campaign to educate industry officials, food safety experts
and consumers on proper food
safety and handling instructions
for flour, dough and batter," Mr.
Clark said. To kick-off the campaign, NAMA distributed a simple
and easy to use educational video
in September 2017 on proper handling and baking instructions for
flour, dough and batter.
Internationally, the world wheat
flour trade reaches about 17 million tonnes a year. Different farming practices, raw material sources,
transportation conditions and
varying milling practices require
more attention to continue to ensure a safe flour supply.


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