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Brioche is trending in
foodservice as it offers
premium visual appeal
along with taste
and texture.
ACE Bakery

Smooth sailing for indulgent options
Brian Miller, president and owner, Miller Baking Co.,
Milwaukee, said consumers are increasingly healthconscious in all their food choices, and buns are no
exception. "They want products made with clean, highquality ingredients," Mr. Miller said. "Premium burgers
- focusing on ingredients like grass-fed beef, heirloom
tomatoes and the like - have translated into demand for
similarly high-quality buns at retail."
According to Nielsen, organic buns accounted for only
0.1% of bun sales over the past year. Meanwhile, sales of
organic ground beef and hot dogs surpassed $150 million
in 2017 after 16% growth year-over-year. "Pairing these
two together could offer an opportunity for incremental
sales with the organic buyer," Mr. Lally suggested.
Ozery Bakery's One Bun offers a Non-GMO Project
verified claim, among others. However, quality taste, tex-

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ture and appearance remain a priority. "It starts with our
ingredients. Every one is handpicked and taste-tested by
the Ozery Bakery team with the belief that great ingredients are the foundation of great flavors," Mr. Ozery said.
"We take that extra effort on all our products to ensure
when someone bites into our baked goods, it's the besttasting product possible."
The bun is the first thing that conveys the quality of a
product to a consumer at the foodservice level, and they're
looking to recreate that experience at home. Cobblestone
Bread Co. offers a line of premium quality buns and rolls,
including Toasted Onion Rolls, Sesame Twist Hamburger
Rolls and Corn Dusted Kaiser Rolls. "With Cobblestone
Bread Co., we've been adding surprising touches that give
a premium feel to our buns and rolls like special toppings
of sesame seeds, onions and cornmeal or special cuts, like
Kaiser or twists," Ms. Harper said.
It's also critical to know people seek these premium
options. Technomic data show that younger and older
consumers have different interests in buns at the foodservice and retail levels. In Technomic's 2017 Burger
Consumer Trend Report, for example, 37% of consumers over 35 years old indicated an interest in ordering
Kaiser rolls compared to only 20% of those between the
ages of 18 and 34. On the other hand, by a margin of
28% to 23%, younger consumers would consider ordering a pretzel bun.
"The younger demographic is also more likely to have a
few varieties of buns in the household," Ms. Pekerman said.
Pretzel buns have been on foodservice menus for a
few years, and now they are reaching the bread aisles.

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