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Hybrid filler and encruster
Rheon's Flex Encruster combines two lines of equipment into a new stress-free
hybrid system that allows bakers to make high-quality filled products. The Flex
Encruster takes any type of flattened dough and deposits a filling on top. The
machine then wraps the dough around the filling and encapsulates it without
damaging the dough.
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Wrapper for hard-to-handle products
The servo-driven Sleek Inverted from Sleek Wrapper handles soft, sticky or
multipack products. With the Sleek Inverted, product is securely carried on top
of the packaging film from the former to the cutting head. It produces up to 100
packages per minute with a maximum web width of 19.6 in. (500 mm). It is also
capable of operating on a wide variety of materials including polypropylene, microperf, multilayer laminated, co-extruded, foil films and more.
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Gentle dough extrusion
Stewart Systems, a Middleby Bakery Group company, offers a low-pressure
dough divider. The Low Stress High Capacity Bun Divider employs a pull-andpush approach rather than only pushing the dough through a manifold. The system provides dough extrusion that's gentler because pressure is reduced to onethird or less of what is experienced in standard extrusion. The divider operates at
up to 140 cuts per minute on a standard bun size and is intended for medium- to
large-size bakeries.
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Atmosphere regulation in continuous mixer
The Continuum from VMI is a continuous mixer that relies on a vacuum process
to make it possible to control the structure of the crumb for production of soft
baked goods. The mixer increases dough elasticity and improves fermentation
while creating a more homogenous crumb distribution. Atmosphere regulation
(vacuum / air pressure) improves the rheological properties of the dough and is
now a new parameter of dough consistency for continuous systems.
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Pretzel peelboard machine
The Allround Peelboard lye application machine from WP Bakery Group USA
can be regulated with computerized controls. It efficiently streamlines the lye application process to provide maximum production quantity. Only the peelboards
are fed manually. Lye application is a fully automated process with a patent-pending lye shower and two additional lye curtains, handling 400 trays per hour. A
rollable 180-L tank lye-level sensor prevents the pump from running dry. A long
shower belt enables showering of large products.
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