Baking & Snack - May 2018 - 137

Cracker, biscuit wrapper
Campbell Wrapper's Revolution flowwrapper for crackers and biscuits features
a sanitary modular design with a cantilevered tube forming section that allows
debris to fall away from internal drive components. The servo-driven rotary disc
feeder system features a worker platform, semi-automated tray unloader, vibratory conveyors and dual rotating disks to load stacks of crackers or biscuits into
the wrapper infeed conveyor. Speeds from 300 to 400 packages per minute can be
achieved depending on product size and packaging material.
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Scale parts washer
Douglas Machines Corp. now offers a compact, economy scale parts washer
that's surface mounted on a mezzanine. The HD-12-SPW minimizes the need for
mezzanine modifications and helps overcome clearance issues. Parts are loaded
at the weigh station and transported to the washer on specialized slide-in/slideout wash racks mounted on transport dollies. With a typical 5-minute wash/rinse
cycle, cleanup is quick and efficient.
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Automated depositor
The servo rotary valve cake depositor from E.T. Oakes runs up to 90 rows per
minute and accommodates a variety of pan types including round, square, finger
and rectangle. The depositing sequence automatically starts when the operator
selects a recipe from the Allen Bradley touchscreen and a pan in position. Batter
is supplied in closed piping from the continuous mixer or pump assembly directly
to the depositing manifold eliminating the need for hoppers. For changeovers, the
cake depositor auto adjusts for new deposit rates and pan configurations.
(631) 232-0002 *

Ergonomic maintenance
The Alpha 8 horizontal wrapper from Formost Fuji includes improvements to
the operation panel for safety, security and ease of use. By adjusting a lever on the
wrapper, the center fin seal unit tilts down without a tool and provides access to
the fin seal unit for easy sanitation and maintenance.
(425) 483-9090 *

Integrated bagger
At SNAXPO18, Heat and Control released Inspira, the next generation vertical
form/fill/seal bagmaker, and ACP-700, an automatic case packer new to Ishida's
packaging room line-up. These machines, designed for the snack industry, are
integrated, automated packaging solutions that improve efficiency and performance; provide effective automation and communications among the weigher,
bagmaker and case packer.
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